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Watch these videos to hear how the Board of Supervisors is undercutting the Affordable Care Act and how County workers have been hurt by the high cost of healthcare.



Local 21 CCC Chapter will become full agency shop within next month


Six years after organizing a union, our membership levels have recently reached the two-thirds membership majority necessary for taking the next step in our Chapter’s evolution and growth.  Pursuant to Section 2.2 of the Local 21 contract, our Chapter is poised to become a full agency shop within the next month. 

We welcome those who may take this opportunity to become more involved in their union. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Contra Costa Chapter will be strengthened by full agency shop


After five years of continuous organizing, the Local 21 Contra Costa Chapter is very pleased to announce that we have met the requirements of the modified agency shop provisions of our MOU.

The language was put into the first contract negotiated after the chapter organized with Local 21 and states that when 2/3 of both bargaining units become full members, all represented employees must become a member or pay an agency fee.

Court of Appeals denies stay request, Will affect retirement dates for Alameda and CCC employees


On June 30,the Court of Appeals denied the stay request for the AB 197 lawsuit, which affects the retirement benefit calculations for members of both the Alameda and Contra Costa County Employees’ Retirement Associations.

This is a discouraging decision in light of the declarations from both management and rank-and-file employees in both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, detailing how employees were being forced to retire in order to preserve their promised retirement benefits—as well as the impact this could have on public services, public safety and public welfare.

Contra Costa County Settles


With the duration of negotiations in Contra Costa approaching two years almost to the day, the Bargaining Team reached a complete tentative agreement for a successor contract on Tuesday, April 9, concluding what was an extensive, multi-faceted, and robust contract campaign that eventually paid off.  The terms of the agreement – improved significantly due to internal and external organizing by Local 21, in concert with other County Unions – include a 4% salary increase upon ratification and an additional 3% in July 2015.  Two cash payments of $750 will also be provided to members – the first

Tentative Agreement Reached in CCC on healthcare


During negotiations on February 5, the Local 21 Bargaining Team reached a tentative agreement with the County on health care language that recognizes that the debate over the current model of heath care cost sharing – where employees are forced to pay all inflationary healthcare costs at the expense of take home pay – is far from over. After nearly two years of refusing to negotiate over health care costs, the tentative agreement would reopen the contract for the sole purpose of negotiating health care design changes and cost-sharing in mid-2015.

Contra Costa Unions Continue Fight for Affordable Health Care


Working in coalition with other County unions, negotiations for a fair contract with salary increases and affordable health care will continue into the New Year. With major growth and other financial agreements in place, the County can afford to reverse its race to the bottom for health care affordability for employees.

Contra Costa Unions to Hold Information Healthcare Picket


On Wednesday, September 18, Local 21 Contra Costa members will join their fellow County employees represented by PEU Local One, AFSCME, SEIU 1021, and PDOCC (County physicians) for a multi-union County-wide informational picket.  The multi-union picket will send a clear message to the Board of Supervisors: County employees stand united in support of QUALITY, AFFORDABLE healthcare that all working families deserve.  Local 21 has been negotiating in Contra Costa for nearly 16 months and the County has consistently refused to even consider the Bargaining Team’s proposals for the County to shar

Contra Costa Unions Hold Informational Picket for Quality, Affordable Healthcare


More than 15 months into negotiations, Local 21 members in Contra Costa picketed in solidarity with other County employee unions at the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez on August 13.  Joined by members of PEU Local 1, AFSCME, SEIU 1021, and PDOCC (Physicians & Dentists), Local 21 took our message of QUALITY, AFFORDABLE healthcare for working families directly to the public – demonstrating that Contra Costa employees at all levels are united against the prevailing race to the bottom in healthcare.


Bargaining Update


July 31, 2013 Bargaining Update

  • Bargaining Team Presses Forward by Modifying its Economic Proposal for Salary Restoration, Quality, Affordable Health Care, and Other Priorities
  • County Negotiator Still Refusing to Negotiate in Good Faith
  • County Negotiator to Bargaining Team on July 26: "We're not interested in putting dollars toward health care."
  • Contract Action Team meeting on August 5
  • Executive Board meeting on August 7